Student Life and Community Engagement Officer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | VPEMSS | Full-time


The American University in the Emirates is looking for a talented Student Life and Community Engagement Officer to join the team


To plan organize and coordinate activities designed to enhance the educational and life experiences of students.


Minimum Qualifications and Experience

• Bachelor degree from an accredited university
• 1 – 3 years’ practical experience in university.


Job Description

1. Organize programs to orient freshmen students to AUE
2. Organize internal and external competitions
3. Manage AUE Student Clubs
4. Organize social events for AUE students
5. Organize student trips abroad
6. Oversee Student Council and serve as the AUE Student Council Advisor
7. Organize Exchange Programs and Study Abroad
8. Manage Student Grievance and Discipline Cases
9. Manage Financial Support including scholarships, grants, and financial aid
10. Organize and manage student recognition initiatives and avenues
11. Develop awareness of OSL services, functions, and activities
12. Any duties as assigned by the superiors

Functionality Weight (%)
Communication and Interpersonal Skills 25%
Flexibility 25%
Creative and Event Planning and Coordination 25%
Teamwork 25%

Applicable Performance Characteristic
1. Technical Competence 
2. Self-management 
3. Job Knowledge 
4. Quantity 
5. Quality 
6. Problem Solving - Analysis 
7. Accuracy 
8. Time Use 
9. Safety 
10. Responsibility 
11. Problem Solving and Decision Making (Judgement) 
12. Initiative 
13. Dependability 
14. Reliability 
15. Acceptance 
16. Internal Relations (Influence and Negotiation) 
17. Adaptability 
18. Communication Proficiency