Dean - College of Law - CLAW

Dubai, United Arab Emirates | Academic Officers | Full-time


The American University in the Emirates invites applicants for full-time faculty (Full Professor) to serve in the following vacant position:

  • Dean – College of Law 

The Deans shall report to the Vice President for Academic Affairs on general administrative and coordination functions, related to the various instructional programs and related services offered by AUE.

Job Description 

  1. Instructional Delivery (Teaching Performance)
    1. Present research and practice driven teaching and
    2. adapt to latest pedagogical techniques that stimulate students to inquiry and to encompass a broad and coherent body of knowledge, attaining the skills and competencies through engaging delivery techniques and development of appropriate assessments
  2. Instructional Management

Effectively manage the instructional processes

  1. Assessment and Evaluation
    1. Evaluating students’ performance and grading
    2. Provide clear assessment criteria that reflects course content and its learning outcomes
    3. Set expectations to students and avoid cognitive biasness
  2. Curriculum Development and Review

Contributes to regular curriculum reviewing and improving the existing curriculum for quality and effectiveness

  1. For quality:
    1. Currency and relevancy of the theories and practice in the field
    2. Intellectual rigor appropriate to the level of the degree program
  2. For Effectiveness
    1. Increasingly complex presentation of theories, principles, and practice
    2. Increasingly complex levels of analysis and development of competencies
    3. Application of theories and principles.
  3. Research, and/or Scholarship

Actively engage in scholarly activities and publish peer-reviewed articles in area of specialization thus contributing to the Mission of the University

  1. Professional Development

Acquire latest academic techniques, discipline and professional certification, technology related development, and leadership development through attending in-campus and out-campus workshops, seminars and training

  1. Academic Advising and Academic Success

Provide academic advising and guidance the students in the program learning outcomes, curriculum planning and career planning

  1. Service

Participate by working in a task force or workgroup to accomplish assignment or project such as accreditation, recruitment, research administration, consultation, and service to university, discipline and to community 

  1. Academic Administration

Provide oversight for efficient administration of the College 

  1. Academic Program Quality

Ensure quality teaching, conducive learning environment, and adequate support services for all academic programs offered in the College 

  1. Academic Program – Sustainability

 Manage the viability and sustainability of the academic programs to meet the needs of the stakeholders and compliance requirements 

  1. Academic Support

 Coordinate and provide adequate resources for faculty, student, and support staff for effective operation of the College


Education and Experience Requirements

  • Ph.D. in the related field of Law Studies from an internationally accredited university
  • 5 – 7 years’ experience in academic leadership at the level of Associate/Assistant Dean or higher at an accredited university.
  • Experience in the development of new programs that meet international standards
  • Record of professional accomplishment including peer-reviewed publications
  • Bilingual (fluent in English and Arabic)